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G.P.I Galprie International Ltd is a family-owned enterprise established in 2009. Galprie specialized in the exportation of top-quality fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs grown in the sunny land of Israel.

Galprie established as a subsidiary of Kedem Hadarim Ltd. The main purpose was to create a sole company that will handle unique, high-quality and premium products of Kedem. Galprie is managed by the second generation of the Kedem family and as such it oversees its operation with passion, innovation entrepreneurship and fun!

Our specialists are handling the products hand-in-hand with our home growers from start to finish. Our companies are proud holders of a large packing house & logistic center for a complete one-stop-shop service.

Galprie supplies its products to the European market, U.S.A, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, Russia and many other regions.

At Galprie, we’re fully committed to provide our clients with nature’s greatest moments!


Researches show that the average customer will buy products that have a good and appealing presentation. Customers will continue to buy if the quality of the products, its taste, ripeness and shelf life are all to his or her satisfaction.

Presentation; smart packing is one of the first important elements for the customers’ buying experience. Galprie focuses on producing the most exquisite and unique packaging for its products. Our goal is to increase our clients’ sales turnover by adding value to the product.

Galprie is consistently providing its clients with top-quality products by using only the best growers and service providers to get to the customer fast with the highest quality of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

With our extensive experience with our products and markets we are able to add values to our menu of offerings and make it point-of-distinction to our clients. Our company’s strategy is to give you the tools for achieving more sales and a high return.

The Galprie Difference

We at Galprie understand that in order to distinguish our products from the competition, we need to give our clients not just a better solution but a different one. Presentation, smart packing, selective high quality products and superior customer service are all just a tip of the iceberg!

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