General Information

Galprie Company, under the brand of Kedem Hadarim is an exporter of fresh carrots. We specialize in growing, packing and marketing our carrots. Our fields of heavy soil are located in the north of Israel. Our carrots are less woody and with more flavor than anywhere else in Israel.

We offer our client the full variety of sizes in retail bags big bags for wholesaling. We can do any packing that the client needs. With a strict measuring of the counts, length and crown size of our carrots we can fit to any program in the EU, USA, Canada, Asia and Russia market.

Growing Picking & Packing

Commercial Relevance

Industrial sector


Commercial Chart

Size Caliber packing LBS per pallet packing kg per pallet
S 20-25 mm 1&2 LBS 1200 bags 1&2 KG 1200 bags
M 25-35 mm 5 LBS bags 10 KG 132 bags
L 35-40 mm 30 LBS 75 bags 18 KG 75 bags
J 40+ mm 50 LBS 60 bags 22 KG 60 bags
SJ 50+ mm 2755 LBS big bag 1250 kg big bag