General Information

Our medjoul date is one of the Galprie company major item of export. We produce hundreds of tons of the Medjoul and pack it in our packing house. The Medjoul variation is depended on its skin separation that dictates the date’s product range. The Medjoul is the diamond of the dates due to its sweet taste and buttery texture.  We keep the Medloul in frozen temperature of -18 and to keep its perfect quality all year round.

Due to its high quality we pack this product in different packaging to give it the final touch. We are able to do any private label for our clients.

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Growing and Care

Standard & unique packaging

Commercial chart

sizes Weight Fraction skin separation
Super Jumbo 28+ Gold 0%-10%
Jumbo 24-28 Black 0%-25%
Large 18-24 Classic 25%-45%
Mix 18+ IND 45%+
Medium 15-18 cartons pack – 5kg, 2kg, 1kg, 500gr
Small 12-15 Punnet pack – 250gr, 180gr, 50gr