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The name Basil means in Greek – “King”. The Basil origin is in India and it was discovered about 5,000 years ago. It was believed that basil brings prosperity, happiness and joy in life. It was considered to lead the way to the dead and open the gates of heaven.
There are more than 50 varieties of basil. We export mostly the sweet basil, the red basil and Thai basil. The basil is our largest and most important item been produces by our home growers and has the most undivided attention to its needs and care.
The sweet basil is our main Herb product. It considered to be the diamond herbs of Israeli growers. We in Israel are using a special variety of the basil with more flat leaves. It is with stronger taste and longer shelf life. In the summer time our home growers do a green sanitation to the fields by covering it with Nylon, letting the temperature rise to 100 degrees.

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