General information

Mouth watering Plums, Peaches and Nectarines, grown in the northern part of Israel, in ideal conditions, promising a high quality fruit. Best varieties from May till November.

the Plums virity are divaede to the skin color and flesh colore. Black Ambar is wight in and red out. The black dimind is red in and out. We have the Doly and A2 that are wight in and out.

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Stone fruits varieties

Picking & Packing

Commercial chart

 Size Diameter Packing Type Size items
S 35-40 Loose 5kg 180- 18×10 All
M 40-45 Punnets 10x500g 1050 (21 x 5) All
L 45-50 Tray pack  5-6kg 1400 (28 x 5) All
XL 50-55 Punnets 10x1000g 750 (15 x 5) All
G 55-60 Punnets 10x1kg 75 peaches&Nactarine
SG 60-75 Tray pack 4kg 140 peaches&Nactarine
SSG 75-80