General Information

Kedem Persimmon is an Exotic seedless Fruit, have irresistible delicious taste, full of heath. Eaten firm or soft . It ripens to brilliant Orange color, high concentration of nutritious fibers, minerals anti oxidants calcium and iron, Kedem’s Persimmons are the pride of Israeli fruit. According to research conducted by the Hebrew University Jerusalem, eating a persimmon a day helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Growing & Care

picking & Packing

Commercial chart

COUNT fruit weight in gr’ COUNT fruit weight in gr’
10 210-280 18  122-156
12  185-235 20  108-142
14 155-200 22 90 -122
16   138-172 24  84 -109
carton size 25x30x7 Cart’ per pallet traypack 348
cart’ weghit 2.5 kg loose 400