General information

Kedem supreme  taste, best quality Peppers in bright colors: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green. Ideal temperature is 8° Celsius and shelf life of 3 weeks.  Direct from the fields to the customer- As Fresh As Can Be. Grown and cultivated in the southern Israeli desert, packed with care using the highest modern standards. Bell Peppers (Capsicums), Hot Peppers, Sweet Palermo and others are packed in a range of loose cartons as well as prepacked by customer order.

Peppers varieties

Packing & packing house

Commercial chart

Product kg per carton cartons per pal
XL 90-110 capsicums 5 Kg 110-120
L 80-100 Chili 3 kg  180
L26 80-100 25-27 Ramiro 3 kg 180
M 70-90 Habanero 3 kg 180
M30 70-90 29-31 chili pun’ 200 gr 150
M36 70-90 35-37
S 60-80