Fruit packing house

The Kedem Galprie operation has 3 packing operations. The first packing house is for packing our fruits as Avocado, Citrus, Mangos, Litchi and more. The factory produces more than 35-40 containers in a week at winter time. This packing house is more than 15 years old of operation and have the finest technology in its field!

Carrots packing house

The second packing house is state of the art Carrots washing and packing. The factory produce more than 30,000 tons of carrots in the season in overall Kedem and Galprie are one of the biggest players in and Carrots in Israel. Due to the fact that we grow our carrots in heavy soil we need a strong and sufficient wash for the cartons and this is way our factory is 10 times bigger than any packing house in Israel.

dates packing house

Galprie is an exporter that We ship our good by air and by sea to arrive to the client’s port. After we can do clearing to the goods and send it by truck to the client’s warehouse giving a full door to door service. we make Shure that we use the fastest and safest way directly to our clients

Logistic center

Galprie logistic center is mainly support our products that we shipped by air. The facility is planned and works like an airport terminal and can give us the possibility to cool or re pack sensitive products before we ship it by air. For Herbs, edible flowers, Micro green, Mango ready to eat and more products this facility is most important

Sales and main offices

Our main offices are our headquarters. Our sales team for different locations in the world and also Managers for specific products. Our Logistics department uses only the best and finest logistics service companies. We handle shipments by air & sea, having our goods custom cleared and transferred to their door by trucks, giving a full door to door service. Financial and book keeping department and head management.

Reaserch and development

Israel considers as a start-up nation. Our agricultural technologies for growing and packing are the best in the world. Today Galprie is involved in some projects that will improve our work method. Also we play an important part of verity development to create beater product for our clients.