food safety

G.p.i Galprie international LTD is aiming to comply with international quality standards and requirements. The quality procedure begins in the fields and plantations. Our growers are well equipped with updated knowhow and high technology. They nurture the fields and plants accordingly.


Following the worldGap regulations, Israel Ministry of Agriculture and Plant Protection and Inspection Services (PPIS), resulting in a top quality brand fresh product marked “Galprie”.


The quality process continues by keeping the cool chain immediately after harvest, storage in controlled temperature cold rooms and throughout transportation, in suitable refrigerated equipment.


The packing and sorting is made under rules and regulations monitoring at all times the proper handling and traceability of each carton.


The strict control and traceability throughout the entire process, ensures Galprie labeled products are of the highest quality standards and our fresh products reach their final destination in perfect condition.




Galprie CSR includes Environmental and social responsibility. We believe that helping the Environment and the people around us is every company responsibility. We in courage our chine of supply to act with high sensitivity to the world around and we choose our suppliers accordingly. Galprie is committed to ethical trading, sourcing with integrity and respect for our environment.


green environment

Galprie Company is always looking to improve its environmental responsibility. Fact is that by using green energy, recycling water in the packing house, using recycled packing materials and keeping tricked cods of environmental behavior not only that we are preserving our surroundings but we also doing a good business. We are very proud to have our business as one of the leaders in environmental safety



Galprie is involved in philanthropy and makes monetary donations to a nonprofit organizations and communities. Moreover we at Galprie believe that by investing directly in an institution, rather than purchasing stock we can create a greater social impact. Galprie support technological education for young kinds with a low social status. We hope to give to the young kid’s a useful tools for their economic future.